Safety First

This note is for family members who may have worried about our safety here in Moscow. Let me assure you, our dorm is like Fort Knox!
A guard is posted near the outside door, with turnstiles just inside. The guard checks for our dorm pass, which states that we live on the 8th floor in room 8XX. Without that, you don’t get in.
There is a small elevator, big enough to hold two students and their luggage or 4-5 without luggage. When you exit the elevator, there is a locked door to the rooms. This door must be unlocked and relocked once you are inside. And of course every room has its own lock.
There is a sink in each room. Toilets and shower are down the hall. The Emergency Exit on our floor is clearly marked as such on a big red door. I’m hoping we don’t need to use it, because the picture shows something that looks like a long tube, but it’s nice to know there is an exit strategy. Moscow seems to be well lit, which helps you feel safe. In any case, we travel in small groups or at least pairs when we’re not following our guide like a trail of little ducks.

We’re having a wonderful time and have already learned a lot, even though classes just started today.

Женя (Jeanne Palleiko)


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