Glinka Museum of Musical Culture

Last Friday we began the day with classes with our Russian songs class, which both groups have together. We learned the Russian folk songs “Ой, Мороз-мороз” (Oh, Frost-Frost) and “Ой, да не вечер” (Oh, It’s not yet Night), and then moved on to children’s songs. The first was “Antoshka, Antoshka” and the second was “Два весёлых гуся” (Two Silly Geese). Both of these songs have adorable cartoons to go along with them. After Russian songs, the 303 class went to their practical class, and the 203 class went to their language of mass media class.

After classes, we went to the Glinka Museum of Musical Culture, which has a large collection of instruments from around the world. When we arrived, we received fancy audio guides to listen to as we walked around the museum at our leisure. The museum had many display cases of different types of instruments. Through the audio guides, we could listen to information about these instruments, listen to samples of music played on the instruments, and watch videos of people playing the instruments. The first room we entered had many Russian folk instruments, and then there were also rooms dedicated to European instruments, instruments of the Americas, Asia and Africa, and electronic instruments. One of the people working at the museum showed us their theremin, which is always an interesting instrument. The weirdest instrument to me was a Ukrainian instrument which required two people to play, and looked like a barrel with some hair sticking out. One person would hit the barrel part, and another would grease their hands and slide them up the horse hair.

After the museum, some of the group went shopping, and others went out to eat. The group I went out to eat with ended up walking around places nearby campus, until we found what looked like a good restaurant. It ended up being a central-Asian themed restaurant, with quite the extraordinary decor. We ordered multiple courses of lamb shashlik and then had dessert, before returning to the dorm to relax and retire.


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