History and MXAT

Saturday, January 16

I started the day with breakfast in the little bakery near our dorm. They have the best French croissants! Then back to the dorm to work on homework. (Yes, there is homework.)

A number of students headed for Izmaylovsky Market, known for having wonderful Russian souvenirs at good prices. (Although with the current exchange rate, almost anything is a good price!)


Lenin’s Tomb

Some of us headed to Red Square, to check out Lenin’s Tomb and the State History Museum. Lenin’s Tomb is very dark; no pictures are allowed; and there are lots of very serious guards. A number of important Russians are buried along the path leading to and away from the tomb.

The State History Museum had lots of archeological finds dating back to the Stone Age and every era thereafter. I enjoyed seeing Peter the Great’s sleigh. (Not all that big given how important and tall (6’7″) he was.) Rooms representing more recent centuries included in the showcases a few manakins wearing clothes of the period.


Peter the Great’s sleigh

Saturday night four of us attended a student production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, a play written by Tom Stoppard which is tied loosely to Hamlet. The play was performed in Russian in a small arena (70-80 seats) in the theatre district. Since I am not the most fluent Russian student, I was glad I read the play in English before we went. A lot of the humor in the play did not require full understanding of every word spoken, however!


Moscow Theater District

We enjoyed dinner in the theatre district before returning to the dorm. Even at that hour, the Metro trains were still running every two minutes!

Женя (Jeanne Palleiko)


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