Jan 20

On Wednesday I learned that wearing a jacket indoors is unacceptable and even offensive. With only 20 minutes left for lunch, I got in the cafeteria line in my winter coat. A middle-aged man got in line behind me. “Do you see the coat hanger over there?” he said. “Why are you wearing your jacket here? It’s not allowed. “A little caught off guard, I responded, “Well it’s a little cold. I’ll leave it there after I get lunch.” “You shouldn’t be wearing it here!” “Do you understand me? I’m a professor!” Eventually I pointed out the men in line, in jackets. He attempted to start an argument with them, but promptly gave up and I continued in the lunch line.

After classes I attempted to visit the New Tretyakov Gallery. I say attempted because I did not make it through the two-hour line in the freezing wind. I decided that I value my toes more than art. Others persevered. Here’s an article of photo and video evidence of this line (http://varlamov.ru/1575630.html). Though I never made it so close to the doors, it turns out the excited crowd broke the door in. Those who made it in were so cold that they washed their feet with warm water in the bathroom sinks.

In the evening, we went to an amazing restaurant on the 21st floor. It was the tallest building in the area and had a view of Moscow in all directions. The way to the restaurant was in a glass elevator. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good photo of the view but I did manage to document one of the best desserts that I’ve ever had.view.JPG




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