The Last Day in Moscow

We’re all back in America now, but our last day in Moscow was a memorable one! The day started with a little over half of us waking up at 6:30 am to head over to the Bolshoi Theatre to attempt to get student tickets for the ballet “The Taming of the Shrew.” It was a lovely snowy morning, but when we arrived we did not see anyone with the list for student tickets, so we walked to a nearby coffee shop and had breakfast before trying again. There was still no one there when we walked back, and we had to get back to the university for class, so we started our own list and alligator-clipped it to the door.

When we returned, we went to our final day of classes. First was Russian Songs, and then the 203 class had their media class, and the 303 class had our practical class. The professor brought in russian pancakes and honey for us, which was a delicious way to end classes!

After classes, many of us returned to the Bolshoi Theatre to see if they had been successful in getting student tickets. While our list was gone and hadn’t worked, they were able to get on the right list for student tickets and everyone managed to get a seat. The students who did go to the ballet reported that it was amazing.

12620556_10207097135019931_474851049_o (1)

Those of us who did not go to the Bolshoi Theatre spent the evening in various ways: napping, packing, or visiting with a Russian friend. I went out for a lovely final dinner with Женя at one of the restaurants that had been our favorite during our time in Moscow.

After the ballet, most students met up at the Bolshoi and we went out for the last time. When we returned, we all packed, with very few of us getting any sleep, and left for the airport at 3:30 am.


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